ExpressVPN Japan speed test(for USA Netflix)

How Fast ExpressVPN in Japan

I am planning a vacation to Japan. I just wondered if I can connect to Netflix(U.S) and watch 1080p videos smoothly. so I googled it!


I found Great VPN Blog. it is written in Japanese but we have chrome google translate haha.

below show the results

ExpressVPN japan server speed test(for USA Netflix)

Japan to HongKong VPN speed : 108.00Mbps

Japan to S.Korea VPN speed : 116.53Mbps

Japan to Singapore VPN speed : 57.35Mbps

Japan to Taiwan VPN speed : 78.60Mbps

Japan to Australia VPN speed : 68.18Mbps

★ Japan to USA VPN speed : 68.43Mbps (This is What is wanted)

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