how to watch free BTS videos in korea web site

*This Content is Written by My Korean Friend

How to enjoy thousands of BTS videos uploaded in Korea for free

Hi I’m Korean Not good at English. I ask for your understanding of my lack of English skills. 🙂

I watch BTS videos almost allday haha. I fell in love with BTS(so my boyfriend doesn’t like them). one of my best friend is study in USA. few months ago, she told me that she can’t watch BTS videos uploaded on Naver(biggest portal site in Korea)

so I asked to my boyfriend(he is a computer geek). and he gave me a solution.

You Need a Korea IP Address

Naver TV provides millions of contents for only Korean. so you need to be seen as a Korean. It is very very easy!

You need a ‘VPN’ which is computer program(and Mobile app) that change your IP Address.

If you can do this! you can enjoy a lot of contents about BTS


There are Two best options for us!

Too many VPN Apps on the market. so hard to pick one. Fortunately, my boyfriend’s major is computer engineering and a lot of network professionals are around him!

They told me that “Express VPN is Best of Best. and 2nd option is Nord VPN.

so I suggested to my friend in USA. she used both of them.

She picked Express VPN is so fast and stable. so she could enjoyed BTS contents. It was the same as when she was in Korea.

  • You can use ExpressVPN discount coupon (here) *recommand this.
  • Nord VPN coupon (here) it’s slower and a bit cheaper than Express

How to use Express VPN?

Extremely Easy!

  1. Buy Express VPN plan using coupon(above)
  2. Install VPN program(Computer, iPhone, Android all available)
  3. Choose Korea and watch!

see below

Even my grandma can use this for BTS 🙂

How to find BTS contents?방탄소년단&sort=rel&isTag=false

go there and you can see this page

if you use Chrome web browser. you can translate that page in English

You can enjoy other Korea sites with VPN

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